As 2019 has set sail, it is important to realize that if your brand or business is not somewhat engaged online with your web presence through social media, consider yourself to be completely nonexistent. The days of opening up the local white or yellow pages to look for businesses or services are long gone. We are pretty confident to say that almost anybody who owns a smart phone will look up services or companies through google search and social media. If your business doesn’t have a website, Instagram or Facebook page at the very least, you will be overlooked by your prospects. Your competitors, who decided to take the initiative to build their online presence, will be taking all of your customers.

We know what you could be thinking, well I own a local service mom and pop shop why would I have to get on social media? The answer is quite simple, because people of this generation who are looking for a service or product will be using the web to locate companies in their local area.

You also want to have a professionally branded website that will engage your customers into inquiring or converting into your services and products. Having a poorly designed website and even worse, not having one at all is business suicide and will prevent you from reaching the revenue goals you are looking for. Having a website is also important so that you are able to create online ads to have customers buy products online through your website, inquire about the services you provide or learn more about your company in general.

If you are a business owner and have questions about how you can grow your online presence on the web and/or social media. Please give us a call at (561) 717 8829 and we will be happy to strategize the perfect marketing plan for your goals.

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