Drumroll, please…Now introducing Instagram’s alternative to watching videos using our smartphones: IGTV.

Instagram has reached 1 billion users, and have decided to launch their newest release, IGTV. As Kevin Systrom, Co-Founder & CEO of Instagram said, “Teens are watching 40% less TV than they were 5 years ago.” This percentage is being spent on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc…

So, you might be thinking—

“What exactly is IGTV?”

it’s not only a separate app but it is also connected through your already existing Instagram app. Instagram says, “IGTV is long form, vertical videos from your favorite creators.” IGTV is mobile-first and simple, for high quality videos.


“What’s the difference between IGTV and Instagram?”

Unlike Instagram, videos aren’t restricted to just one minute. Instead, IGTV permits videos of up to an hour long. Videos are only verticalfilling the screen your mobile phone for an intuitive viewing experience. This launch is sure to change the type of content we will be watching in the future. It will also help to reduce the amount of time young people watch TV.

”How will this affect YouTube?”

Instead of having to search for videos to watch , IGTV starts playing videos based on your Instagram likes the second you open the app. There also is no need to turn your screen to view any content. There will likely be some issues for many social media influencers now having to be accountable on yet another video streaming app. But as more videographers create more content and as time passes we will be able to see more of IGTV’s impact on social media, marketing, and video content.