Mazaltov Care

Mazaltov Care experienced higher conversion rates and visibility with our optimized digital strategies.

The Challenge

Mazaltov Care needed a new, powerful, lead-generating website, as well as a strategic paid advertising plan to help them promote their activities and increase their clientele. The goal was to help connect those in a need of finding a nursing home for their elderly loved ones with them.

Our Solution
Our Solution

Our decision was to opt for building a brand new website with large images and text that could speak clearly and easily to their audience and reassure them. We created a unique paid advertising strategy as well as lead-generation technical set up, digital strategies, and data management. We were able to implement our strategies and attract more business and visibility for the client.

The Result
The Results 

The client now gets constant compliments from both their peers and clients and the site conversion is far better than it was before. The client now has an effective lead-generation website, better online marketing, and better overall brand awareness.

The feeling we have not only helping our clients truly become able to tell their story in the right way but also others finding great services they need, especially in this industry is why we do what we do.

Mazaltov Care helps individuals find home nurses that help the elderly.

  • INDUSTRY Home Nursing Care
  • SERVICES PROVIDED Get More Customers, A Powerful Website, Digital Marketing Strategy
  • BRIEF RESULTS Web Design & Development
Lorena Vallina

"They’re always willing to work on things or change anything that the client isn’t satisfied with.

The website created by Flowhance has received a lot of praise. They have great communication skills. Actively responsive, they communicate mostly through text. As a growing company, they've created a pleasant working experience."

Elida Sinakoli, CEO & Founder, Mazaltov Care


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