Concrete Designs FL

Concrete Designs FL experienced a 115% increase in new business through our custom solutions.

The Challenge

Concrete Designs Florida is a project where the client was spending a lot of money with no results, no leads, and relevant results from previous collaborations.

To create a platform for the company that they can use to grow their business was at the core of this collaboration. They have been in business for over 40 years, so rebranding the company was a challenge.

Our Solution
Our Solution

Designing a Powerful Website that is functional, safe, and UX oriented is one of our strong points, so by making sure every aspect of the Concrete Designs Florida portfolio is equally and appropriately represented, we were able to tackle the next steps and goals such as to rank higher on google, raise brand awareness, and get high quality leads.

A unique Digital Marketing Strategy and approach for social networks was also an essential part of this success story, and managing communication with the target audience and helping the client reach them, brought us to the point of even holding back on promotional activities because the client quickly became fully booked.

The Result
The Results 

Today, Concrete Designs FL has one of the best brand awareness positions in the concrete industry in the West Palm Beach area and the number of calls they get has increased by 400%.

The number of leads and the effectiveness of the funnel we created are what brought tangible and measurable results.

The website traffic has grown significantly, and they now have a lot more leads and customers, along with a cutting-edge internal system (sales process, CRM setup, and all the necessary KPIs).

Over 40 years of industry and 15 of business experience, they provide high-quality workmanship, the best and most durable materials available on the market, and follow the highest industry standards.

  • INDUSTRY Concrete
  • SERVICES PROVIDED Get More Customers, A Powerful Website, To Rank Higher on Google, Digital Marketing Strategy, High-Quality Leads, Brand Awareness, High-Quality Content
  • BRIEF RESULTS Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing and Lead Generation
Lorena Vallina

"Their services have been really good so far, and we’re very satisfied.
Since Flowhance redid the website, the site is quicker and easier to navigate for less technologically-savvy users. More leads have come in since they began managing the social media accounts, and Flowhance impressed with their hands-on style of project management."

Claudia MacDonald, CEO at Concrete Designs


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