Digital Mix Revolutionized and is now Flowhance

Over the past six months, Digital Mix has been undergoing a major transformation that is revolutionizing the way we do business. As a result of our rapid growth, we have rebranded ourselves to Flowhance. 

With our major imprint utilizing revolutionary digital marketing techniques in the music industry, we wanted to breakthrough in others as well. We are able to transform other industries by implementing the same processes that raised our current clients to the next level.

Brand Building Meets Digital Data Science

Our marketing strategies blend the latest in digital data science cohesively with online brand building. As a result of our success, our trajectory brought Digital Mix into an absolute rebranding transition. 

Our name Flowhance comes from the conglomeration of the FLOW online consumer experience while ENHANCING our client’s web presence.

Building Brands that Cause Disruption in their Industry

We pride ourselves in building unparalleled brands that make a direct impact in their niche. Our unique marketing strategies have generated a significant increase in leads, sales, and conversions. We implement state-of-the-art digital marketing strategies that make our clients’ competitors unsure of their place in their field.

Credit: @Flowhance 🥇

Our team of passionate yet innovate digital marketers, content creators, and web designers make up a strong militia for our clients. Gathering leads and conversions become easier and faster to scale. We don’t stop working until our clients not only get the results they are looking for, but also the ones we believe they deserve.

Through our current transitioning phase, you will notice a complete redesign on our current website. Our new brand will match the premium service we provide to selective clientele. Our marketing services have also expanded to cater to the growth of the businesses across all verticals. We investigate our clients’ competitors thoroughly by analyzing their brand identity. This includes advertising tactics, ad copy and social media interaction with their community, online web presence and much more. Our research places our clients ahead of competitors substantially across all platforms in their industry.

At Flowhance we mean serious business and we look to partner with businesses that uphold the highest values and standards. When our clients win, we win. Nothing gets in the way of helping our clients succeed while getting them the results they are looking for.

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